Home Selling Made Simple & Hassle Free.

No Repairs, No Cleaning, No Commissions!

Easy As

Our Home Selling Process

We work with local cash buyers to get your house As-Is. This means you do not need to worry about repairing or even cleaning up your house!  We will give you a fair offer, close quickly, then take care of any needed repairs.

At YT Properties, we commit to you:

check-black Complete Transparency

check-black Diligent Work

check-black Excellent Communication

I want to make sure people know we make sure offers are fair offers and if it doesn’t make sense for us or the homeowner, we just won’t do it.  And can definitely try to point them in the right direction if it doesn’t work for our company.

Because We Have This Experience…

We’re a family business that loves helping other Tulsa Families. Logan and Kelsey have three kids, and they understand how stressful selling your home in the midst of raising a family can be. Unlike traditional selling methods, We love working with local families and are dedicated to finding the right solution for you. YT Properties can help you save money and time when you sell your home.

How Does This Whole Process REALLY WOrk? It Can’t Be That EASY, Can It?

In short, absolutely it can! Selling your house to us is a very simple process – for you For us, the process is a bit more challenging, but we love a good challenge! There’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure selling your house to us goes smoothly and hassle-free for you

Our Process is Fast & Simple

Our 3-step process helps you sell on your terms hassle-free.

Give us a call

Step 1

Give us a call and tell us about your property.

Show us your property so we can make you our best offer.


Step 2

We will send you a cash offer in as little as 24 hours.

Get an offer for your property
within 24 hours.

decide closing date

Step 3

You decide when to close.

Choose when you want to close. Get paid within a few days.

So, how do you calculate your offer to buy my home for cash?

We make our cash offers based on 4 things:

Cash Offer Example

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

After Repair Value = $700,000

Cost Of Repairs = $70,000

Our Selling Cost = 10% x $700,000 = $70,000k

Sample Minimum Profit For This Purchase = $30,000

So in plain English, the market value of the house (after home improvements) minus ALL our costs getting your home renovated (including our profits), will be your cash offer. It’s that simple!

[Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost Of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit]

Your Offer = $700,000 – $70,000 – $70,000- $30,000= $520,000

Your Cash Offer = $530,000

See the scenarios in action on homeowners we’ve helped:

4470 S. 70th E Ave

Successfully helped four siblings that inherited a home that had major deferred maintenance to sell the home fast for cash.

In this episode, I share how we successfully helped a family in Tulsa to sell their home fast for cash. This was a duplex in Tulsa. The four siblings inherited their parent’s home in Tulsa. They had all agreed to sell but the house needed to be completely rehabbed, from the studs to the roof. A cash offer was necessary because a conventional loan would not suffice. They had initially been offered $360,000 cash for the property from a national cash buying firm. They asked for my opinion and I immediately realized they could get a lot more. We ended up getting them a $520,000 cash offer and closed within 3 weeks.

Still, have questions or want to know how much we can pay for your home?

Feel free to give us a call/text to (918) 407-7981  or fill in the secure form below. Our offer is 100% free, and you have absolutely no obligation to accept it. What do you have to lose?

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